There aren’t to many albums that have somthing  for everyone, without losing its Identity  but ‘The Spectacle’ by Mouthpi3ce is one that does as well as keeping its identity it keeps its musical Integrity. With most albums today they give one or two hit tracks then fill out the rest with what I call album fillers and thats when you start hitting the foward button, but this project is one you can confidently play all the way threw with a variety of production styles from soul to gospel sample based songs, covering a range of relevant subject matters.

Mouthpi3ce has great lyrical ability, which seems to be dying art-form and delivers this through out the project, sharing his testimonies with a great display of creativity.  This album will appeal to the real Hip Hop head in you as well as showing respect to our rich Gospel heritage. There isn’t anything that I don’t like about this project. It has all the things your looking for in a Hip Hop album BEATS RHYMES AND CHRIST.  I fully recommend you buy this album and add to your collection. Shout out to Mouthpi3ce


Release Date 28 February 2017

Label HMG

East Coast Hip Hop